Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yelpers Unite

Some Yelp reviews that are actually honest, potent, and in alignment with our goals of this here blog:

"Sure, I've shared a picnic table with a hipster or two, but I've also seen a man in a monkey suit, a giant walking banana and an entire biker gang. If you can't handle a little diversity, you might want to consider staying home."

"Zeitgeist is your quintessential dive bar. However, what makes it so cool is the clientele. You can literally find every conceivable group of people here, from hard core bikers with ZZ Top beards and confederate flag tattoos to effete hipsters (lots of them) and everything in between. The huge outdoor seating area is cool because, unlike most every other bar I have been to, it allows you to sit down and hang out with your friends without being crushed on all sides by a ton of people."

"I actually really dig this place. Unfortunately A LOT of spoiled brats who are expecting a typical bar come by and are very much disappointed. It's not the place to go if you want simpering staff that's ready to wipe your ass if you give them enough cash. These people deal with disgruntled drunks and don't take any shit. So if you're a Take No Shit type of person, and like REALISTIC un-consumer, Non-Brainwashed, cool people that don't walk around with that air of entitlement like most SF tourists and quite a few SF residents, this is the place for you. I'm from the East Bay, and Zeitgeist is a pretty good escape from the rest of the Outer Limits craziness that is San Francisco."

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